Junk food may seem like a convenient option to feed your children. It’s readily available, easily stored, affordable and liked by kids. However, with the negative effects such food has on your child’s health; it may be doing more harm than you may think. Aside from the obvious impacts like obesity and poor long-term eating habits, it’s crucial to assess the impact of junk food and understand what it may truly be doing to your children.

Poor Academic Performance

Due to the high sugar levels caused by junk food, children often face sugar crashes leading to poor concentration levels. This makes it challenging for them to pay attention in class and impacts classroom participation.


As your child’s food preferences and desires change, they are less likely to consume foods that are high in fiber. Due to a lack of foods rich in fiber, I often see children suffer from constipation.

Sleep Disturbances

Caffeine and sugar impact your child’s sleep cycle, making it harder for them to get quality sleep. I see a lot of parents complaining about poor sleeping habits in young children.

Keeping your children healthy and active is easier than you may think. For starters, I always tell parents to make healthy options look more appealing for kids. Don’t start off by giving them a plate of green vegetables. Instead, start them off with more colorful fruits and vegetables, along with aesthetically presented protein options. This helps attract them towards healthy foods. Along with the latter, parents should get active with their children. Instead of video games, play games with them that require movement. A lot of my young clients see massive changes by implementing these changes in their daily lives.

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