In the fitness industry, the most common concern that personal trainers typically come across from females is the fear of looking “too bulky” or “too masculine”. These females fear weightlifting and instead, spend hours on the treadmill wondering why they’re not seeing the figures they hope for. Weightlifting alone will not make women look too bulky for a number of reasons.


Despite the fact that both men and women produce testosterone, the quantities vary significantly. Testosterone, which is essential for hormonal balance and body functionality, is responsible for characteristics like excess facial hair, deeper voice and increased muscle mass. A woman’s body is typically incapable of producing enough testosterone to make her look masculine. It would take women years of heavy weightlifting, along with the use of substances to intentionally look like that. Since females have less free testosterone than males at rest, an increase would not be significant enough to allow for muscle hypertrophy to the same extent as a male.


In order to gain substantial amounts of muscle, you need to be eating substantial amounts of food. Since females are typically smaller than males in bone mass, they require fewer overall calories to meet their energy needs. Interestingly, if a male and female were to follow the exact same training and nutrition regime, the female would most likely gain excess fat.


Weightlifting makes your muscles stronger, not necessarily bigger. With the right training and nutrition, muscles will get stronger and denser. Strength training also helps burn more fat than cardio. Dense muscle and lower body fat will help achieve that frequently desired “toned” look.

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