Photorealistic 3D Body Scanner

Our state-of-the-art photorealistic 3D scanner is the most accurate body measurement tool in the market. It provides the following information:

360-Degree View

Body Circumferences

Photorealistic 3D Avatar

Body composition: height, weight, body fat, BMI, WHR and RMR

Progress tracking: both visual and in numbers with up to 0.5cm accuracy

Tracking app: results can be compared over time using a free app available on Google Play and App Store

TYB is one of the first companies to introduce photorealistic 3D scanning in the region. Unlike other body assessment devices, the scanner shows changes in circumference, shape, posture and body composition in a visual report allowing detailed analysis of progress.

The photorealistic 3D scanner is available to use for both TYB members as well as non-members.


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