How to Stay Safe at the Gym During COVID-19

Gyms have finally reopened in Dubai and although some individuals are very excited, others are extremely scared. Concerns relating to sharing equipment, cleanliness and fears of excessive human interaction are shared by many but with a few simple tips, your gym experience may be safer during COVID-19 than you think.

Adhere to safety protocols

All gyms are required to put several measures in place for client safety. These include capacity control, temperature checks, provision of sanitizer, 60-minute time slots, increased distance between machines and requiring members to wear masks. Each of these rules has been put in place for a reason and should not be ignored at any cost.

Pull down your mask during strenuous exercise

Although it is generally safe to perform most exercises with a face mask on, doing so during strenuous exercise is not ideal for your respiratory system. Fortunately, it is permissible to pull your mask down while you are performing an exercise. Ensure there is nobody else in close proximity and be sure to put the mask back on once you are done.

Bring your own hygiene supplies

Although gloves are not compulsory, bringing a pair of disposable gloves gives you additional safety and allows you to train more comfortably. It is also a good idea to bring your own sanitizing spray as well as your own towel. Although most gyms have staff cleaning each machine after use, cleaning each machine yourself is advisable for peace of mind. Gyms are also not permitted to provide towels at this time so bringing your own is essential.

Avoid large groups

Unless you are attending a class that is prepared to handle groups, self-training in groups is not advisable. Sharing machines, close contact with multiple people and pulling your mask down with several people in close proximity is not the best option at this time. Train by yourself, with your training buddy or a personal trainer but not in a group.

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