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A one-of-its-kind
comprehensive body, mind and
life transformation program


Dubai’s top transformation guru and
celebrity fitness model

Transformation Successes

The proof of TYB’s success lies in the hundreds of successful
transformation stories we’ve enabled


Yasir started training at the age of 13 and saw the transformative impact that fitness had on him and on his overall well-being. He realized the hugely positive and multi-dimensional impact of fitness, and this fueled his lifelong passion for everything fitness-related.

Yasir says:

“I went through a very dark time in my life as a child and found fitness to be the exit from that phase. Through my training, I learnt discipline and that made me stronger. I treated myself as though I was at war with myself, preparing myself to never lose, so I could never go back to that dark phase in my past.

It was hard for me to make a profession, a living, from my passion, while struggling for the basic necessities of food and shelter.

I was looking for someone to help me and pull me out of the dark. But I didn’t find anyone that would help a struggling teenager and youth. So I looked deeper inside me and I struggled for over 12 years to find myself.

I persevered. I didn’t give in. I didn’t give up. And slowly things started to fall in place.

My fitness regime, my training is very personal, very pure, and spiritual for me because of what it did for me. I hope it can uplift others in the same way it has worked for me – bring about a real and positive transformation in people’s lives – give them health, give them hope, give them a purpose.”

For 17+ years, Yasir has been studying the human body, health, exercise, nutrition, NLP and has incorporated those learnings in his own life and structured them to develop TYB as a unique, comprehensive transformation program, so others can benefit too from his experiences. He’s chosen to give to others what he got from his training journey – all neatly packaged into TYB – so others don’t need to go through the same struggle.

Yasir has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health, Firstfit, Muscle & Fitness UK and many more magazines internationally, and has gone on to compete in international fitness competitions across the globe. Yasir was placed at 2nd position at WBFF and in IFBB in countries including Australia, UK, and Italy. He was also a finalist on Season 7 of MTV’s Splitsvilla.

Today, Yasir is a mentor unlike any other. He is a body transformation guru, a celebrity fitness coach, a mind coach, nutrition expert – an all-in-one mentor you’d definitely want on your side if you’re seeking to turn your life around.

Yasir’s signature fitness program TYB has scaled unprecedented heights in a very short period of time and brought about massive transformation in his client’s lives notwithstanding lockdowns, gym closures, etc. It’s Yasir’s determination, single-minded purpose of helping others reach their highest levels of fitness that has made this possible. He believes his clients transformation is his own, their wins and successes are his own, and so failure is not an option for him and for his clients. This approach brings him closer to his chosen purpose in life.

Hear Yasir’s story and approach in his own words…

What is


TYB is a uniquely comprehensive transformation program that encompasses a transformation not just of your body, but of your mind and life too. This holistic transformation program is centered around the belief and knowledge that a healthy body needs a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. Fitness, nutrition, and mindset – all go hand-in-hand.

TYB believes that the body achieves what the mind believes, and mental transformation is at the heart of everything we do.

TYB is the brainchild, sweat, and hard work of Yasir Khan, who found his calling as a fitness coach after undergoing a personal transformation. Today, TYB has already touched the lives of, and benefited hundreds of people, who have embraced fitness whole-heartedly because they saw how it radically changed their lives for the better.

What makes TYB

A Success?

Why has the TYB program worked for everybody who has committed to it?

That’s because it’s not just a training program – it is so much more. It’s a movement, a system, a carefully crafted engine that eats and breathes transformation.

The #TYB experience isn’t like hiring any other personal trainer or joining a fitness program.

When you join the #TYB experience, you get a whole team of dedicated professionals all working together to ensure you meet your goals and achieve the transformation you’ve dreamt of, but never before believed possible.

With Yasir as your transformation guru, spearheading your journey, we take you places…


As part of every TYB experience, you get:

Goal-setting Session

Goal-setting that’s beyond just fitness. We dive deep into what makes you tick, what aspirations you’d like to achieve, what habits you’d like to leave behind, and map out a timeline for your transformation.

Transformation Game Plan

Created by Yasir personally for each and every client, no matter which experience or package they are a part of. It includes customized workout and diet plans that are to be followed in every personal training session, and is reviewed and adjusted every month.

A TYB Personal Trainer

Whether you choose to train with a TYB Trainer or with Yasir Khan, a personal trainer is assigned to you to train and coach you through your transformation game plan. Every workout plan is designed by Yasir, no matter which experience you choose, and your dedicated trainer is there to help you execute the plan properly and effectively.

A Dedicated Progress Consultant

This is a dedicated team member that’s assigned to your transformation and is in charge of following up, checking in and monitoring your progress – including keeping tabs on what you’re eating and on your progress pictures.

Weekly Reviews by Yasir

Every client’s progress report is shared and reviewed by Yasir personally to ensure they are on track to reach their transformation goals. It’s important for Yasir to ensure every member of the TYB squad meets his transformation standards and represents the TYB squad with pride and privilege. Not making progress isn’t something that’s acceptable in the TYB squad, so be prepared if you plan to sign up.

NLP-Based Personal Development Practices & Mind Coaching

We incorporate psychologically proven, scientific methods into the signature #TYB coaching style to help people develop the skills and habits they need to achieve the results they desire. This is at the heart of the TYB experience, which is what sets it apart – it’s exactly why you see so many people who join the #TYB experience actually be able to commit, change their habits, and stick to their new lifestyle in order to achieve their goals. We deep dive into what drives you, so we understand how we help you win against yourself. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind, highly customized experience.

See what other TYB members have to
say about their #TYB experience

TYB Experience Plans

You have the choice of online training or in-person training – at any of 5 locations.

Online Training Plans

Online Training personalised by Yasir Khan

The online training plan is best suited for people who are able to train on their own at home or at a gym of their choice. Yasir will conduct an introductory one-on-one consultation session (via a video call or in-person if you live in UAE), and will then design your workout plan and diet plan. There will be weekly online follow-ups, based on which your workout and diet plan will be adjusted by Yasir. You will be required to send through weekly progress pictures.

In-person Training Plans with a dedicated TYB Trainer

Personal Training with a dedicated TYB Trainerfrom AED 3,675 for 10 sessions

Buddy Training with a dedicated TYB trainerfrom AED 6,300 for 10 sessions


(*All Prices are VAT incl.)

In-person Platinum Training Plan with YASIR

PLATINUM Training with Yasir Khan – WAITLIST!Get in touch for details.

Platinum training includes an initial training session with Yasir, advanced mind coaching sessions, access to a special Platinum-only phone number to stay in touch with Yasir, and extra attention at all times.

This plan has very limited availability and clients must undergo an interview process to be selected.

Only select, highly committed people would be eligible for this plan. It’s like an invitation-only plan.

TYB Locations

TYB is now available at 5 locations in Dubai
Right Then, Let’s Get Started With Your TRANSFORMATION

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is included in a #TYB experience package?

    Every #TYB experience includes a goal-setting session and mind coaching, a transformation plan designed by Yasir, a dedicated team for your training sessions, follow-up and support staff assigned to you, weekly reviews by Yasir – and of course, a transformation at the end of it! 😉

    What kind of TYB programs can I choose to take?

    We have multiple options available. Personal training with a TYB trainer, buddy training with a TYB trainer, online training plan with Yasir, or exclusive personal training with Yasir. Personal training with Yasir may have a waitlist, and you would need to register your interest in advance to secure a spot to train with Yasir.

    How much does the personal training package cost?

    Personal training with a TYB Trainer starts from AED 3,500 for 10 sessions (session prices reduce if you buy 50 or 100 sessions). Personal training with Yasir starts from AED 7,000 for 10 sessions – however, please note that a wait list is applicable to secure a spot training with Yasir personally. Please register your interest in advance.

    What is the online training plan?

    The online training plan is best suited for people who are able to train on their own at home or at a gym of their choice. Yasir will conduct an introductory one-on-one consultation session (via a video call or in-person if you live in UAE), and will then design your workout plan and diet plan. There will be weekly online follow-ups, based on which your workout and diet plan will be adjusted by Yasir. You will be required to send through weekly progress pictures.

    What is the cost of the online training plan?

    The online training plan starts from $1000/AED 3,650 for 3 months.

    Can I come in for a trial session?

    We do not conduct trial sessions or single sessions, as no transformation can take place in a day. The #TYB experience works on the mind and body to help you actually transform – just trying a workout session will not give you a taste of what the program is about.

    Is training with a TYB Trainer as effective as training with Yasir?

    Definitely! Even when the TYB team is executing training sessions, Yasir is responsible for designing all workout plans and diet plans for each client – the systemand the plan are always tailor made by Yasir to suit each client’s unique needs. The TYB trainers are trained by Yasir first-hand and have been taught to focus on form and technicality while following Yasir’s plan.

    Is a diet plan also provided with the program?

    Yes, it is. The diet plans are created and customized by Yasir and are updated as frequently as required. Each diet plan takes dietary preferences and restrictions into account.

    Who creates the workout plan and the diet plan?

    All workout plans and diet plans are created by Yasir, no matter which experience you are part of or who your personal trainer is. All plans are always designed by Yasir himself.

    How many sessions will I need to see results?

    This will depend on the kind of results you’d like to see and what the end goal is. However, we can confidently say that you will see a significant change in the first 10 sessions itself. Some of our clients have lost as much as 8 kgs in just 10 sessions.

    What is mind coaching and NLP personal development?

    Mind coaching and NLP personal development is what makes the #TYB experience so unique. In order to achieve a significant transformation, your habits need to change and you will need to let go of old, limiting beliefs and patterns. This is a fact, and the #TYB experience is one of the only fitness programs that actually considers this and incorporates the transformation of the mind that is required into it’s coaching practice. Mind coaching and NLP personal development practices are methods and coaching styles that we use to help you change your habits and mindset, become more goal-oriented and improve your ability to stick to new habits and overcome challenges.

    What makes this program different from other personal training programs?

    So many things! The #TYB experience isn’t like signing up with a personal trainer or joining a fitness program – it is a highly personalized program that’s dedicated to your transformation, and when you join you aren’t just signing up with a personal trainer but are actually signing up with an entire team that is working to get you to your transformation. It is also the only fitness program that incorporates mind coaching and NLP personal development practices in order to help you achieve the mindset growth required to actually reach your goals and your transformation.

    How many times a week will I need to workout?

    This depends on your end goal. On average, most clients have 3-4 TYB training sessions each week.

    How many hours will I need to workout?

    Each TYB personal training session lasts 60 minutes.

    Can I choose to do the training at a location or gym of my choice?

    No, though you may choose to take up the online training package if you’d like to train at a flexible location of your choice.

    I’d like to join but the program is too expensive. Are there any discounts?

    No, we don’t believe in discounts unless there is a special circumstance. The biggest investment you’ll make is the investment in your health and fitness, and we truly believe in this fact. Most people spend about 7,000 – 10,000 dirhams on pure flamboyance (daily coffees, weekend plans, booze, shopping, special occasions), but they find it difficult to invest in their fitness and health. A core belief of the #TYB Experience is commitment, and that includes the commitment to invest in your fitness – even if that means giving up the extras. It starts with the mindset of actually prioritizing the right things to spend time and money on. Every member of the TYB Experience VALUES their health, fitness and wellness. They understand it’s importance and make it their top investment, and THEN spend on extra flamboyance and add-on’s – not the other way around.

    Where do the training sessions take place?

    The training sessions take place at Train SF Gym in Al Quoz. If making it to the gym is not an option for you, you may consider the online training package. Though we do have multiple clients who join us from Ajman, Sharjah and other emirates as well.


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